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More photos of the boat before restoration was begun.


Navigation lights are incorporated with a hood ornament

The chrome and stainless steel trim, cleats, horns, lights, and the nifty fifties-style hood ornament that holds navigation lights were all intact, with nothing missing that I could tell.  The bulb cover over the light in the front of the hood ornament is broken.  Gotta find something that will fit and look original.


Another view of nav lights

I've seen photos of some Red Fish boats that have a flag pole that attaches to the top of the hood ornament.  Anybody know where I can get one?


The speedometer is mounted on the left side of the dash

This item is in very good condition.  There are no other gauges on the boat, and I don't plan to cut any holes in the dash.  A sound system that hides behind the dash is on the "to do" list.


The boat has two spotlights, which have mirrors on back - are these factory items? And the horns?